Next weekend is the unofficial kick-off to summer so I've put together 10 superfood recipes that are perfect for any celebration. Whether you’ll be having outdoor barbecues or indoor parties, sharing great food with family and friends is always the highlight of any event. 

It's always good to have healthier options at get-togethers because it will help you stay away from the not so healthy stuff. Plus it can be a way to introduce family and friends to healthier food that tastes so delicious!  

1. Black Bean Cilantro Dip 

If you need a quick and easy appetizer that will be a crowd pleaser, or if you’re just craving a savory snack – this Black Bean Cilantro Dip will do the trick! It's an oil-free dip that literally takes about 5 minutes to prepare.

2. Quinoa Mushroom Burgers 

quinoa mushroom burgers

This Quinoa Mushroom Burger from The Detoxinista isn’t your ordinary veggie burger, it’s incredibly  flavorful and hearty. Plus, it’s lighter on the stomach than a regular burger, and won’t put you in a food coma or leave you feeling bloated. 

3. Superfood Salsa 

Superfood Salsa

Superfood Salsa is a party must-have as it's always a hit with everyone around. It takes salsa to another level packing it with antioxidants and protein, which makes it much more filling. 

4. Raw Tacos

Raw Cauliflower Walnut Tacos

Prepare these raw tacos for a simple dish that will shock everyone with flavor. There's no cooking involved so don't worry about getting heated in the kitchen.  You can literally whip them up in under 10 minutes!

5. Simple Detox Salad

Simple Detox Salad

This Simple Detox Salad is not only so tasty, but helps eliminate toxins from your body.  It's easy to prepare and no will realize they're actually helping their body detox by eating it. If you over do it with the celebrations, this might be good to eat the next day. 

6. Baked Tofu 

Baked Tofu

This baked tofu is perfect at almost any festivities, because it’s irresistibly good and so versatile that you can add it to rice bowls, salads, tacos and other entrees. If you’re grilling out, you can add this to veggie screwers. If you've never made tofu, or have people that think they don't like tofu – this recipe for you. 

7. 3 -Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

This Strawberry Sorbet can be made in under 10 minutes with 3 ingredients and no fancy equipment like an ice cream machine. If you don’t like strawberries, you can easily sub it with another fruit. It's a guilt-free treat that will keep you in shape.

8. Festive Grain-Free Cupcakes

It isn't a party without cupcakes. These Grain-Free Cupcakes are made with low glycemic sugar, quinoa flour and pure cacao powder making it a healthy cupcake, but no one will know it! Plus you can follow my recipes here and here to get a beautiful colored icing without using any dyes.

9. Patriotic Chia Parfaits

Patriotic Chia Pudding Parfait

Chia Parfaits are another sweet treat without the guilt! It's easy to throw together, plus they're filled with fiber and antioxidants. This version makes a fun, patriotic treat to serve on the 4th of July. 

10. Detox Lemonade

Detox Lemonade

This refreshing Detox Lemonade is good to sip throughout the day to keep you hydrated and healthy. It’s perfect to serve at any party, especially to beat the summer heat! You only need three main ingredients, plus sweetener you prefer. 

  • I'm hungry for lunch and all of these look perfect for summer!

  • Miranda says:

    These all look so delicious! I can't wait to try the Patriotic Chia Parfait!

  • Arman says:

    I want one of each!

  • Heather says:

    I love that all your recipes are so nutrient dense!

  • April says:

    Love all these ideas! I'm watching what I eat these days and need some healthy ideas – saving this :)

  • Maria says:

    I love this list. #7 is my must have right away favorite.

  • Linda says:

    Thank you! Just perfect!

  • mira says:

    These look so delicious! Pinning to try them!

  • Melissa Novotny says:

    Oh my goodness! This looks delicious and it’s so easy to make. Thankfully, I have some fresh strawberries so will definitely be making some this morning!

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