• Plant-Based Pregnancy Update: 3rd Trimester

    Here's what I've been doing in my third trimester, including working out, supplements, postpartum prep and my midwives protocol the last few weeks of pregnancy to help with an easier labor. (more…)

  • Healthy Store-Bought Swaps: Dessert Edition

    Last week I shared healthy swaps for snacks and I got so many requests to do healthy swaps for desserts so that's what I'm showing you today. (more…)

  • Healthy Store-Bought Swaps: Snack Edition

    When it comes to making improvements in your health and diet taking baby steps can be really helpful.

    Today I'm sharing some healthy swaps for snacks! Of course making your own is the healthiest, but when in a pinch and you're looking to just buy something at the store these are the snacks I recommend. (more…)

  • 4 Kitchen Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

    Kitchen hacks can help us save time, stay organized and just make things SO much easier. Here's four of my favorite hacks that I use in my kitchen all the time. (more…)

  • 2nd Trimester Update of My Second Plant-Based Pregnancy

    The second trimester of my second plant-based pregnancy has to be, by far, the best trimester in my opinion. (more…)

  • Strawberry Lemon Slushy

    One of the best drinks to have during the summer is a cold slushy! It's a refreshing way to beat the heat, but (more…)

  • Mexican Farro Salad Bowl

    This Mexican Farro Salad Bowl can be thrown together in under 20 minutes and it's packed with nutrients. It has  plant-based protein, iron, healthy fats and grains, antioxidants and more! (more…)

  • Is Your Hairspray Harmful + Better Options

    Hairspray is a product most of us, especially women, use on a daily basis! Unfortunately, there are a lot of chemicals in these products that put our health at risk just to hold our hair in place. (more…)

  • What I Ate In A Day (Pregnancy Edition)

    I'm an advocate of healthy eating and since I'm pregnant I'm even more conscious of it.

    Not to say every single day is perfect, especially not during the first trimester 🤢 but I do my best to make sure I'm nourishing myself and my growing baby. (more…)

  • 4 Tips For Eating Healthy on a Budget

    Something I hear a lot is “eating healthy is expensive!” But when you've got a plan before shopping and are prepared with some money saving tips you'll still be able to eat healthy, even on a budget. (more…)

  • Watermelon Limeade

    This Watermelon Limeade juice recipe is so refreshing and the perfect drink for Summer. It can be made in a juicer or blender. (more…)

  • Jackfruit Taquitos

    Jackfruit Taquitos make a surprisingly easy, meat-less alternative to serve as appetizers or a meal. They are full of flavor and can be customized to your liking! (more…)