In the 80's and 90's we were made to believe that fat is bad. Low-fat products were all the rage, but little did people know they were actually filling them with more sugar to get rid of the fat.  Thankfully, there's now much research that shows that we need good fat. Studies have shown that these good fats can even help you lose weight! There's one fat in particular that everyone should be eating because, besides losing weight, a host of other health benefits come along with eating this fat.

The one fat that we should all be eating is… AVOCADO! I'll get into some other great sources of fats in a bit, but first I want to tell you about the goodness that can come when you start adding avocado regularly to your diet. This is one food that I recommend if you're suffering from PCOS like I did. I ate avocado almost every single day while I was healing myself. Not only did it help get my hormones in check, but I also lost weight.

A lot of people think they should avoid this green goodness because of it's high fat content, but actually when you add avocado to your meal you will feel more satisfied, which reduces your desire to eat more. This good fat also helps to balance hormones, reduce arthritis and protect your eyesight.

Avocados have been shown to assist in reducing the LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and raise the HDL cholesterol (the good one). They're not just good for your insides, but also the outside. Avocados are great for the skin, helping to keep wrinkles away and protect you from sun damage.

Other benefits of eating avocado include:

  • They contain a wealth of anti-inflammatory properties.
  • They improve digestive health.
  • They help to reduce liver damage.
  • They assist in preventing oral cancers.
  • They are good for your bones – reducing your risk of osteoarthritis.

Ways to add avocado in your diet.

I think the number one way to eat avocado is mashing it up to make a delicious guacamole. I mean, who doesn't love that green dip? But if you're not such a fan of the taste or texture of avocado then I would suggest adding a 1/4 of one to your smoothies. You won't be able to taste it and it gives a smoothie a creaminess that reminds me of milkshake.

I've even added it to soups before blending for a more creamy texture and it works perfectly without changing the flavor. One of my favorite ways to add avocado is making avocado mash. You can top it on toast, crackers and more.

Adding good fats to all your meals also helps your body absorb the nutrients of the other food that you're eating. So don't let that plate of cauliflower or broccoli go to waste. You want to add a little fat to make sure you're reaping all the health benefits that you can. Here's a list of other fats and ways I like to add them to my diet.

  • I buy a big bag of avos every week, and our family of 3 goes right through them! We use on salads, as a snack on crackers, as butter on toast, and even in chocolate mousse! <3

  • Liz says:

    I eat avocados every day! Aren't we lucky they're healthy as well as delicious!!

  • Avocados are SO good-avocado toast is my favorite! My son ate an entire avocado last night with his tortilla soup!

  • Jenni says:

    Avocado is my FAVORITE! I could seriously eat one a day!

  • This is information we should all have! I eat a LOT of avocados, so maybe that balance out the cheese I eat, lol. Thanks for this post!!

  • Think I'm going to go buy a big bag of avocados after reading this. :)

  • bird says:

    Love how informative this is!!

  • Michele says:

    I didnt know that avocados were good for inflammation! Winning!

  • Joel says:

    Avocados are a staple of our diet. I also take a shot of virgin olive oil each day..

  • Thanks for the information!!

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