We all know cutting back on calories can help lose weight, but did you know there's certain foods that can help as well? I like to call these foods weight loss accelerators.

1. Black Cumin

Also known as Nigella Sativa, black cumin is different from the ground cumin you might buy from the spice aisle. Black cumin tastes similar to black pepper. It's been described as a miracle herb for centuries and now there's been around 1000 studies done on it in medical literature. One study found just a quarter teaspoon of black cumin helped to improve weight loss. Another study found that it improved cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides and blood sugar.

I add black cumin in a pepper grinder and use it on foods I typically put black pepper on. See more studies on this herb here.

2. Nutritional Yeast 

Nutritional Yeast is full of B vitamins, specifically B12, which has shown to improve metabolism and boost energy levels. It's even shown to help the immune system and reduce allergy symptoms.

Nutritional yeast has a nutty, cheesy flavor that I add to tofu scramble and vegan cheese recipes. I also like to  sprinkle it on salads, soups and avocado toast.

3. Green Tea 

Green Tea has been known as nature's fat burner for centuries. Just drinking a cup of green tea a day can help you reach your weight loss goals. This study shows how the individuals taking green tea extract lost 7.3 more pounds in a 3 month period than those not taking it. It's also shown to help people burn more fat when working out. This matcha is my favorite green tea to drink because it has even more benefits.

4. Ground Ginger 

Ginger has been used to treat illnesses for years. Not only is it helpful for inflammation and nausea, but it can also help with weight loss. This study showed those who consumed a teaspoon of ground ginger for 12 weeks significantly reduced their BMI compared to the placebo group. Another study had participants stir about 2 grams of ground ginger in a cup of hot water. After they drank it they reportedly felt less hungry.

For more foods that help with weight loss check out this post.