Our indoor air can have a big affect on our overall health. We spend the most time in our homes so it's important to do what you can to keep it clean.

The EPA estimates that indoor air quality has 2 to 5 times higher the amount of pollutants compared to outdoor air. They explain the health concerns here.

1. Use natural, less toxic cleaners. Cleaning is definitely a way to reduce the pollutants indoors, but what we're using to clean does matter. The cleaners we use in our kitchens, bathrooms and other places tend to have ingredients in them that can affect our health. All of these products release chemicals into the air and we can breathe them in. Using cleaners with less chemicals could be more ideal for your health.

You can easily make your own nontoxic cleaner with this DIY recipe if you're concerned with what you're cleaning your home with. I'm also a big fan of branch basics. It's what I use in my home the majority of the time. You can get 15% off with my code: MEGUNPROCESSED 

2. Invest in an air purifier. Air purifiers are designed to filter the air in rooms. It's a great way to remove pollutants and indoor allergens indoors. I recommend getting one with a HEPA air filter because this has shown to be the best when it comes to removing dust, mold, pollen and bacteria. Place them in areas of the home that you spend the most time in, like your bedroom or living area. My favorite is the AirDoctor. There is a discount code when you click on that link.

3. Stop wearing shoes indoors. Our shoes can track in things that you probably don't want in our house, but it's there without us knowing. One study showed almost all shoes had fecal matter on them including e.coli. This study found the average shoe sole is covered with 421,000 bacteria! It also showed 90 percent of those bacteria transfer directly to a clean tile floor on first contact. Taking shoes off before going inside is an easy way to reduce the amount of pollutants in your home.

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