These are some of my personal favorites that would make great gift ideas for anyone that knows their way around the kitchen.

1. Xtrema Cookware – This has been my go to cookware for years. They get each batch of products third party tested for harmful chemicals and heavy metals. You can learn more about why this is important here. Use code: Meg15 for 15% off at checkout. 

2. Tortilla Press – If you've got someone that loves tortillas, or even just to cook for that matter, this is a great gift idea! You can make your own tortillas with just 4 simple ingredients.

3. Rowe Casa Cleaning Set –  For the one that loves a clean kitchen. This non-toxic cleaning set  is a great way to keep things shiny and clean without using harmful chemicals. Rowe Casa is one of my favorite companies making less toxic products for us. Use code: MEGUNPROCESSED for 20% off your first order. 

3. Nakano Knives – Having a great knife makes a huge difference when it comes to preparing your food. I mostly use these knives for chopping vegetables and they make it so much easier. Use code: Megan for 30% off your order. 

4. Anchor Hocking Kitchen and Glassware – I love all their products but two that would make great gifts are this mixing bowl or this Canister set. I'm always advocating for people to switch from plastic to glass as plastics leach hormone disrupting chemicals and it has a negative impact on our health.

5. Cast Iron Griddle – This is a fun, less toxic option for the pancake lovers.  Cast iron is a great alternative to non-stick pans that have shown to be harmful. I personally have this griddle and we use it just about every weekend.

6. Farmhouse Wood Cutting Board – Plastic cutting boards have shown to harbor bacteria on top of leaching chemicals and shedding plastic into food. Help your friends and family out by buying them a solid wood cutting board, you can even get it monogramed for a more personalized gift.

7. Chemex Coffee – For the coffee lovers – this Chemex is one of the least toxic ways to make your morning cup of Joe. It's another product we've been using for years. Ben grinds his own beans and makes the coffee every morning in our Chemex.

8. Four Sigmatic Coffee – This coffee is one of the most beneficial coffees someone can drink because not only are their coffee beans organic and clean, but they also add mushrooms that have loads of benefits including improving brain health and boosting the immune system. They're currently having a big sale!

9. Stainless Steel Pots – This pot set is a better alternative to non-stick pans. It's a well priced and would makes great set, especially for someone just starting on their less toxic cooking journey.

10. Dish Towels – These are OEKO-TEX certified and so soft!

11. Rowe Casa Hand Soaps  – Who doesn't love a good foamy hand soap?! I especially love the seasonal soaps from RC because they use essential oils to make them smell good with toxins. Discount code: MEGUNPROCESSED 


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