The meal is definitely the most anticipated part of Thanksgiving and usually it's an indulgent one!

Not to be the party-pooper, but most of the time the dishes are high in saturated fat, cholesterol and salt…not great for our health.

But I wanted to show how we can still have those classic flavors without all the unhealthy stuff. The other thing is these recipes won't leave you feeling like you're going to go in a food coma after you eat them!

They will fill you up without filling you out! lol

Here's three of my favorite recipes that I've been using every Thanksgiving for the past 6 years!



I call this the easiest gravy recipe because it can be made in 10 minutes! It's been a favorite here since 2014. Most traditional gravies are high in saturated fat, but not this one! It's made with simple, healthy ingredients that are probably in your pantry now! It goes great on mashed potatoes or the dressing dish below.



This is an alternative to the classic southern dish “chicken and dressing”. This was actually my grandmother's recipe that I tweaked to make healthier and of course plant-based. It has all the classic flavors of dressing but made without any meat! This is what we use for our main dish each year and we pair with the gravy above. So good!



Mac and cheese was a staple for me growing up. Now I make a version without any dairy! This cheesy sauce can easily be made in your blender with just a few simple ingredients. You can add it to whatever kind of pasta you like. For a healthier pasta I love using a bean or lentil pasta. Just add the cheese sauce and some veggies if you like!