Oats make a great breakfast option, especially when you're wanting something warm in the cooler months. They've been  found to be more filling than breakfast cereals and they're a cheaper option too!

Oats also have a lot of health benefits. They're a good source of soluble fiber, which helps to lower cholesterol. They're also a prebiotic food which means they help feed the good bacteria in our gut making them a great food for gut health.

The majority of our immune system lives in our gut so it's good to eat these types of foods to stay healthy!

There's different kinds of oats. They all start out as oat grouts, which is the least processed form. These actually have the most health benefits.

Next is steel cut oats which I love making on the stove top and adding in frozen fruit like wild blueberries, bananas and nut butters.

Rolled oats are probably the most popular oats and fall behind the steel cut for benefits. These are used a lot for overnight oats which make an easy breakfast in the morning. You can find an overnight oat recipe here.

Quick oats cook the fastest so if you didn't meal prep your overnight rolled oats, these cook the fastest. But these do have the least amount of health benefits but no matter which oats you like best they all make a healthier breakfast than heavily processed cereal.

Oat milk can be made with rolled oats. Just add 1 cup Oats to 2 cups water and blend for about 30 seconds or less. You can add in 1-2 dates or 1 tbsp of maple syrup for sweetness as well. After blending use a mesh strainer to strain it.

When shopping for oats, it's important to buy organic as they've shown to have a high amount of pesticides and other chemicals on them when they're not organic. Also, if gluten-free is important to you, make sure to check for that on the packaging.

No matter which oats you like best they're all a better breakfast option especially when compared to heavily processed cereal!

If oatmeal isn't your thing check out my homemade breakfast cereal!

  • Dan says:

    I think you meant oat groats not oat grouts. Enjoy your articles and videos.

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