Research shows that people who don't get enough sleep or those who consistently miss out on good sleep are 3-5 times more likely to get sick. It also takes these people longer to recover once they are sick.

Now, I'm not saying if you get 7-9 hours of quality sleep you won't ever get sick, but I am saying that good sleep will help keep your immune system boosted. Eating these foods will help immunity too.

Here are some natural ways to get a better night's sleep to help keep you healthy!


Instead of going for over the counter melatonin pills, try foods that contain melatonin. Pistachios happen to be the most melatonin rich food there is! Studies have shown that just eating TWO pistachios can boost the melatonin in your body as much as one of the high dose melatonin pills. But the good thing is the pistachios don't come with any side effects like medication does.

Magnesium lotion 

Magnesium is a natural mineral that has a lot of health benefits. It helps to activate the part of the nervous system that helps us relax and feel calm. Studies have actually shown a link between magnesium deficiency and trouble sleeping, even insomnia. There are foods high in magnesium like spinach, sweet potato and pine nuts. There's also topical products like magnesium lotion from the Magnesium Lotion Shop. I ordered this last week and I can tell you I get a deeper sleep when I use it. I wake up feeling more rested as well.

Turning your phone off or airplane mode 

You might have heard that getting off the screens a few hours before bed helps with better sleep and that's true. There's another study that showed participants who turned their phone completely off or put it on airplane mode were able to get to sleep faster than the participants who left their phone on. A lot of us sleep with our phones close by so this is a good one to remember.

Sweet Dreams!