how-to-switch-from-toxic-beauty-products-8 I read a staggering stat the other day, that women put an average of 515 synthetic chemicals on their body every single day! Lotion, cream, moisturizer, hair dyes, shampoo, soap, toothpaste, cleanser, lipstick, face powder, perfume – you name it. It's disheartening to see your favorite beauty products can contain hundreds of chemicals, but trust me – the sooner you know what you're putting on your body the better.

They make you pretty and glowing for a short while, but they can have negative effects in the long run. These beautifying products go beyond skin-deep effects. They can also harm your health by disrupting hormones, causing inflammation and even cancer.

The most common chemicals are lead, parabens, phthalates, mercury, formaldehyde, silicone-derived emollients, ethoxylated surfactants and 1,4-dioxane, talc, polyethylene glycol (PEG), paraphenylenediamine (PPD), mineral oil, coal tar, sodium lauryl (ether) sulfate (SLS, SLES), triclosan, DEA/TEA/MEA, fragrance/parfum, and oxybenzone.

These toxins are passed into the bloodstream, then released into your whole body. They can cause allergies, breast cancer, disrupted hormones, infertility, and even tumors. You can read more on their effects on our health here.

Pureceuticals SkincareWhen I was diagnosed with PCOS I had a lot of trouble with my skin, even after eating a super clean diet.  The next step, since I had control of my eating habits, was to clean up my beauty routine. I changed everything from my lotions, makeup and skincare. I started using products from PureCeuticals, and they've helped my skin so much that I had to share about it with you all. I've been using their products for over a year and my face has cleared up so much.

The Ferulic C Antioxidant Serum is one of my favorites. It’s great for balancing skin tone, fighting acnes and more. It’s safe for all skin types, too.


Pureceuticals SkincareAnother is the Cherry Glycolic Peel, which exfoliates dead skin cells while smoothing and brightening the skin.  Since we are in the season of giving and I love this product so much, I've teamed up with them to do a giveaway on my Instagram account for 3 lucky people to win this great product. Also right now they are giving 25% off and free shipping! Just enter the promo code Thanks25 at checkout! 

All of their products are made with plant-based antioxidants. They don’t contain parabens, sulphates or phthalates, petrochemicals, and other chemicals usually found in beauty products. These products have not been tested on animals either. They're 100% vegetarian and 99% approved.

Pureceuticals Skincare

You don’t have to switch immediately to natural beauty – it doesn’t happen overnight! Start by switching one product at a time so you won’t get overwhelmed by the changes.

But beware, some companies may trick you into thinking their products are safer and healthier to use, but are actually more dangerous.

Always double-check when buying “natural” and “organic” beauty products. Just like in food, some products may still contain synthetic chemicals. Anyone can label their products with “made with organic ingredients” just as long as it’s composed of 70 percent organic ingredients.

Make sure you read the ingredients labels. The longer the ingredients list, the more dangerous it is to your health. The EWG Verified products are good to buy as they have a very strict criteria on what’s considered safe.

You can also make your own at home. Apple cider vinegar, baking soda and lemon are among the top products being used in DIYs. Sophie Uliano's blog has lots of great recipes for nontoxic beauty DIYs.

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I was not paid by PureCeuticals Skincare for this review, but I was given free product over an extensive period of time to try so I could make sure it worked for me before recommending it to you. 

  • Liz says:

    Great information! I know the obvious chemicals to avoid, but your list is much more comprehensive!

  • Thank you SO much for sharing this. I am always buying “greener” products for my kids but I often neglect the products I purchase for myself. Can't wait to try these!

  • Bird says:

    Totally eye-opening! Thanks for the giveaway also! :)

  • Such great information. We try to become greener with what we eat but we forget about our other products!

  • Julie says:

    This only makes sense. Great information. I need to look into this product.

  • Really good info here! It's surprising how many chemicals surround us in our daily lives and how we all need to pay closer attention and make some changes.

  • michele ~ says:

    It kills me that formaldehyde shows up in ANYTHING?

  • mira says:

    Wonderful info! I've been thinking to switch to clean cosmetics for a while!

  • Kim says:

    I just found your blog and really relate to this post. After visiting the dermatologist last week, I am confused about moisturizers. I was recommended to use an SPF 30+ moisturizer, and the “all natural” products they were selling, such as Blue Lizard brand, had a ton of chemicals that I wouldn't feel safe putting on my skin daily. Any thoughts on this topic?

    • Megan Lawson says:

      I personally would not use a product that I didn't feel comfortable with – especially if it has a lot of chemicals in it. Even if it's recommend by a doctor! PureCeuticals Skincare (the company mentioned in this post) has good moisturizers. I also like moisturizers from the company Mychelle. They are safe and do not use harmful chemicals. You can order them online or find them in health food stores like Whole Foods.

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