Staying Healthy During Holiday Travel

Do you ever get sick when you travel? I use to be that person that always caught a “cold” after traveling, but now I can't even remember the last time that happened to me. I've changed my travel routine which has helped me stay healthy especially when flying. Not only do I prepare my travel days, but I also prepare for where I'll be staying and I'm not just talking about making sure I have the right clothing for the season. If you have travel coming up especially during the holiday season, here are my top 4 essential tips to stay healthy.

1. Pack your own snacks. 

This was the biggest game changer for me when traveling. Airport food sucks, but I'm optimistic it's only going to get better as I've seen healthier restaurants popping up in terminals.  Still, it's best not to risk  missing a healthy meal so if you're not prepared, prepare to fail. Salads are my go-to travel meal. If you have a grocery store with a good salad bar, then make one the night before and keep the dressing on the side so it doesn't get soggy. I like to eat a lot of raw veggies to keep my immune system up. You could go with a healthy wrap and veggie sticks with humus, too.

If you don't want to make a meal like that, then definitely have snacks on hand. You want foods that are going to help boost the antioxidants in your body like apples, berries, pears & kale chips.  One of my favorite snacks to take traveling are Made In Nature's Figgy Pops. These delicious balls are made with dates, which are a great source of antioxidants plus they contain figs, cashews, coconut, walnuts and cherries. Not only is it healthy, but they nailed the flavor too! This is seriously my favorite “packaged” snack. Look at the ingredients on the bag. You'll know every single one of them.

I also always pack a couple of lemons to ensure that I will have my daily morning lemon water. I'll get more wherever I'm traveling to, but if it's a short trip I usually pack as many as I need for my stay.

Healthy Travel Tips

2. Research the area for healthier restaurants, juice bars, etc. 

In the past month I've been to San Francisco, New York and Arkansas.  It was my first time visiting San Francisco so I made sure to do research beforehand and I found some great restaurants with lots of plant-based options. Yelp is my go-to for finding healthy eats in new areas, but sometimes I just google it. Again when one is prepared it's less likely you'll eat a meal that is going to make you feel bad. I usually have one meal a day when traveling that isn't the healthiest, but I always try to make sure to incorporate raw fruits and veggies throughout the day.

3. Stay hydrated on the inside and out. 

When you fly you actually become dehydrated & someone is  less likely to drink as much water as they normally do when they're traveling. Being dehydrated can cause fatigue, headaches, digestive problems and more. When someone is dehydrated, it's more likely their going to get sick. I talk above about how I continue to do my morning lemon water. This is because it ensures that I get my body hydrated first thing in the morning. If I do have a busy day ahead I've at least had a bunch in the morning to hold me over for a bit if it's not handy.  Ultimately we should all be sipping on water throughout each day, but sometimes that's not possible.

Keeping your skin hydrated is another way to stay feeling good when traveling. One of my favorite skincare products to use is PureCeuticals because they do not contain any parabens, sulphates or phthalates. The fragrance is composed with 100% essential oils, it's environmentally conscience and cruelty-free. Using skincare products without chemicals also assists in keeping your insides healthy. After all your skin is your largest organ.

4. Sanitize the natural way.

This is an area that has just recently changed for me. I always carried hand sanitizers and wipes with me, but they were the ones that were filled with chemicals. I don't have to call out names, you know which ones I'm talking about it. I like using wipes when flying because I can wipe my hands and wipe down my area on the plane. I recently discovered this brand EO that makes lavender scented hand sanitizing wipes that are GMO free, Paraben free and Disodium EDTA free. They also have other great products like soaps, lotions and sprays. Your skin is your largest organ and it does soak up what we put on it, which does disrupt and affect what's going on in the inside.

It is hard to stay on the health track when traveling, but if you use some of these tips on your next trip, you're less likely to become ill. I always recommend to try your best and don't beat yourself up when you don't. What tricks do you use to help stay healthy during the holiday season?

*This is a sponsored post written and created by me, in partnership with Made In Nature.  All opinions here are my own. 

  • Jennifer Andrews says:

    As a single mom I can tell you that someone always gets sick on holiday. These are great tips like staying hydrated and packing healthy snacks. I'd rather do that and have some form of organic immune support for traveling instead of buying medicine at the airport last minute.

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