Kitchen hacks can help us save time, stay organized and just make things SO much easier. Here's four of my favorite hacks that I use in my kitchen all the time.

Cut multiple cherry tomatoes at once

Sitting and slicing small cherry tomatoes can get tedious. This hack allows you to cut numerous tomatoes at once. Place the cherry tomatoes on a lid for a food storage container. Make sure the rim side is up. Then place another lid on top with the rim side down. Use a sharp knife to cut from one side to another. Also use your free hand to hold the lid on top in place by gently pressing down.

Simple way to keep freezer produce bags closed

Don't you hate when you can't find a clip for your frozen produce bag to stay closed? This hack will help with that. Instead of just ripping the bag open, use scissors to cut it down the middle. Then after you get what you need, use the sides to easily tie it together. No clip needed and the bag stays closed. You can see how I did in this video here.

How to easily peel garlic

This is one of my favorite tools. No one wants to sit a peel garlic forever. Using a garlic peel roller will save you so much time. You just stick the garlic in the tube, then roll it with your hand back and forth a few times and boom! the skin is off.

Prevent iced coffee from getting watered down

The hot temperatures are here and no one likes watered down iced coffee. Instead of using plain ice, make coffee ice cubes. When you have coffee leftovers, instead of pouring it out, pour it in an ice cube tray then put in the freezer. Then, when you're making your iced coffee, throw some coffee ice cubes in and you'll no longer have to worry about watered down coffee.