I talked about healthy eating for the new year last week and this week we're talking drinks!

It's officially Dry January, which is a term people use who are giving up alcohol for the month because they may have had one too many drinks over the holiday or just wanting to do a reset.

I've also heard a lot of people are cutting out soda. Even diet soda is not good for our health. The artificial sweeteners actually increase your sweet cravings and mess with hormones!

If you're like me right now, I'm pregnant with my second baby and definitely not drinking either of these things!

Either way, cutting out both alcohol and soda can be great for your health in the long run! If you're wanting some healthy substitutes besides just water, coffee and tea, I've got your covered.

Green Juice

There's a lot of different pre-made juices sold nowadays and not all of them are created equal so I recommend you always check the ingredients because some have added sugar and other ingredients that aren't good for us. One brand I really like is called Suja. It's made with just organic fruits and vegetables and can provide some good nutrients.

Coconut Water

If you're a fan of coconut then you might like coconut water. It's a nice way to switch up drinking plain water and it's packed with electrolytes.


If you're trying to give up sodas I suggest trying out Kombucha. It's just fermented tea, but it has that fizzy taste that's very similar to soda, but without all the unhealthy ingredients!


If you're really craving a cocktail, but cutting out alcohol or pregnant then a mocktail is the way to go! There's lots of recipes online, but an easy one I like to do is just adding half fruit juice (I use pure pineapple juice, again check ingredients) and mixing it with sparkling water. There's so many combos you can do so get creative with the flavors you like!

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