It's that time of year when we're setting resolutions or goals and most people include healthy eating on their list. Sometimes when we go all in at once it can be overwhelming and we give up before we even get started.

That's why I want to encourage you to take baby steps. Making small, simple changes can lead to big changes over time that will benefit your health in the long run.

Here's 3 steps you can start taking:

Start incorporating more plant-based foods

Fruits and vegetables are some of the most nourishing foods we can eat. Two easy ways to get more of them in is having a smoothie or salad every day. Smoothies make an easy breakfast and start the day off right. Having a veggie packed salad before lunch or dinner has even shown to help people not overeat and they're getting in a lot good nutrition.

2. Meal Prep

I've talked about meal prepping here before because this makes a huge difference when it comes to healthy eating. My number one tip is to pre-chop vegetables on the weekend to use for meals during the week. This cuts down on prep time so cooking a healthy meal won't take as long.

3. Read Ingredients

You don't have to completely cut out bread, you can just find healthier versions by checking the ingredients. One of my favorite breads is a sourdough bread made by a local bakery here in Sacramento called The Baker and Cake Maker. Sourdough bread is good for gut health and this one only has 6 ingredients in it. The less ingredients the better.

My other rule with ingredients is if I don't know what they are or know how to say them why should we be eating them?! Sticking with ingredients will help keep the heavily processed foods out of your diet.

I hope these help you start incorporating more healthy eating in your life this year!