It's been known for decades that potential health problems have been associated with applying conventional antiperspirants and deodorants to the body. Since deodorant is applied to the arm pit near the breasts there's been a possible connection linking aluminum based deodorants and breast cancer. There's still more research that needs to be done, but there are known health risks that do come with a lot of the other ingredients in deodorants.

Things like synthetic fragrances have been linked to hormone disruption and parabens have been found in cancer tumors, preservatives that aren't good for your body, I could go on and on so I thought I'd show you a few non-toxic deodorants that work well.

Non-Toxic Options

EO spray deodorant is a great alternative to aerosol deodorants as it's a spray. I don't recommend using aerosols because we're more likely to inhale the chemicals when they're sprayed, which can effect the respiratory system.  EO has non-toxic ingredients and is made with essential oils.

Death By Lavender is made of a short list of organic ingredients and scented with essential oils. One thing to be cautious of when switching to a natural deodorant is baking soda. I'm able to use deodorants with baking soda and I do love this one, but some people have reported reactions to the baking soda like a rash developing in their arm pit.

If you're looking for a more eco-friendly deodorant or can't use baking soda then Bai-li is a good one! It's free of baking soda and the packaging can be composted so, not only is it good for your health, but also the environment.

For my personal opinion I'm a fan of all three but if I had to order them it would be…

1. Bai-li because it goes on so smooth and has very minimal ingredients.

2. Death By Lavender it doesn't go on as smooth, but it works great and certified organic.

3. EO last because I've never been a big fan of spray deodorants but this is still a good option. I like to keep take it to go for an easy spray if I happen to forget or for some reason need more while I'm out!