This is my absolute favorite juice right now.  It’s sweet, refreshing and packed with benefits! Beets are one of the best foods we can  eat for optimal health. This is an easy and delicious way to get them in.

Feel free to leave out any of the ingredients you don’t like. Rowan is not a fan of ginger so I leave that out when I give it to him. 😉

This is the juicer I use.

I’ve never been a huge fan of beets, but I know the importance of eating them. Within minutes of eating beets our brain function is better!

Some of the health benefits from this juice include:

1️⃣Support brain health ⁣
2️⃣Help protect cells against cancer ⁣
3️⃣Improve digestion⁣
4️⃣Assists in balancing hormones ⁣
5️⃣Helps with weight loss ⁣

Juicing without a juicer

If you don’t have a juicer, don’t worry! As long as you have a blender you can still make a juice.

What you’ll need is a blender, mesh strainer and a large mixing bowl. Add all the ingredients listed below to the blender. You might also need to add a little bit of water to help the blending process. Once everything is blended together, put the mesh strainer over the large mixing bowl and pour. You can press down on it with something like a spatula to get more of the juice out. Pour the juice in a glass and enjoy!

⁣For more beet recipes check out this beet hummus or beet chia pudding or a raw beet salad that’s delicious on a hot day!


The Best Beet Juice

This juice is sweet, refreshing and packed with benefits! Beets are one of the best foods we can eat for optimal health. Please use all organic ingredients when possible!
Course Juice
Cuisine American
Keyword beet juice, juicing
Prep Time 5 minutes
Author Megan Lawson Evans


  • 1 medium Beet (washed, raw)
  • 1-2 Green Apples (cored)
  • 3-4 stalks Celery or Kale (spinach or chard would also work)
  • 1 Lemon (can juice with peel or off)
  • 1/2 inch Ginger Root


  • Wash and chop vegetables into pieces small enough to fit down the chute. Turn on machine and add the ingredients to the juicer. I usually start with beets then greens, lemon, apples and ginger. Stir together and enjoy immediately! ⁣
  • Lutrell says:

    This Beet juice recipe is amazing I love that she shares the recipes along with content on her Instagram highly recommend this. It makes me feel amazing

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