The Blender Girl Smoothies bookIn this edition of Foodie Talk I'm featuring Tess Masters aka the Blender Girl and a personal friend of mine. If you don't know about her recipes, I suggest you get to know them. She is a master creator in the kitchen and her talent never ceases to amaze me.

I can't get enough of her Green Mojito! I chatted with her about all things smoothies in honor of her new book, The Blender Girl Smoothies. Check out which is her favorite and what smoothie she'd serve to Sofia Vergara, Beyonce and more!

What was the first smoothie you ever made?
It was a banana mango yogurt smoothie that I then made regularly for my entire childhood.

If you could only make one smoothie for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?
The Pineapple Salsa smoothie from my book and app – it's sweet, salty, savory, and spicy all blended into one delicious dimensional dynamo. It's a great example of a smoothie that takes you on a flavorful journey like a textured dish. It's EPIC. Not to be missed!

Tess Masters Bio Pic

Tess Masters aka The Blender Girl

What's a good piece of advice for a smoothie newbie?
Add a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt to every smoothie to enhance the natural flavor of fruits and vegetables, and add fresh herbs and dried spices to your smoothies. It just takes things to the next level!

Your book has 100 delicious recipes in it… How many have you drank in one day?
Oh….I contemplated “death by smoothie” while I was writing that book and app! I believe the record was 26 in one day! I admit I didn't drink every last sip. Even I have my limit…

What's the worst blend you've ever had? If there is one…
A collard green beet blend that looked and tasted like the place where the plants came to die! I brought it back to life with some banana, sweetener, and spices. But, I had to pull out ALL my skills!

Lastly, I want to play a little game. What smoothie would you make for the following people:

1. The Pope –Minty Green Gluttony – or maybe I'm just a tease…
2. Meryl Streep – whatever she wanted me to. I worship her…
3. Beyonce – Maca Mojo to help her get her groove on!
4. George Clooney – Green Mojito – I do like to fantasize about sipping cocktails with George.
5. LeBron James – Vivid Vision to help him keep his eye on the ball!
6. Sofia Vergara – Pomegranate Slam It! She's such a firecracker she might appreciate the explosion of flavors.
7. Charlie Sheen – Sleep Spell. Then we wouldn't have to talk.


This book is a delicious collection of vegan, gluten-free and paleo-friendly recipes, based on The Blender Girl Smoothies app. It features 100 amazing recipes that will satisfy anyone's taste and keep your smoothie game from getting boring! You don't have to be a smoothie expert or a smoothie newbie, this book is literally for everyone that wants more tasty recipes that will keep you healthy! Get the Green Mojito that she'd serve George Clooney here.