Pregnancy is a time to really focus on our health not only for growing a healthy baby but also the wellbeing of the mother!

I'm currently in my third trimester with my second child so I wanted to give some ways to have a healthy pregnancy. This is not medical advice, please speak with your doctor before changing up anything you are currently doing during pregnancy.

1. Clean Up Your Diet

Eating healthy during pregnancy is so important because it nourishes the mother's body and the baby. Eating less processed foods will keep the mother feeling a lot better too.

Research has also suggested it can shape the baby's taste later in life. So if you want a healthier eater make sure you're eating fruits and vegetables throughout your pregnancy.

2. Vitamin D

There's been a lot studies like this one that show just how important vitamin D is for our immune health and bone health. It not only helps the mother stay healthy during the pregnancy but also helps the development of the baby. Women who take vitamin D during pregnancy have shown to have reduced risk of preeclampsia.

If you take a prenatal vitamin make sure to check the dosage. Most of them do not have enough vitamin D in them,  but also talk to your doctor before starting new supplements.

This is one supplement I personally take and give to my family

3. Exercise – Movement

Exercise is very beneficial for pregnant women as it helps to reduce aches, pains and swelling.  It's even shown to help shorten labor time! This study showed how women who continued to exercise during their pregnancy were in active labor for less time than those who did not.

Women who exercise are less likely to have an intervention, like a C-section, or get diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

4. Reduce Stress Levels

Stress is not only bad for the mother, but also the baby. Mothers with higher levels of stress are more likely to have preterm labors and babies with low birth weight.

Things like meditation and yoga can help to reduce stress levels. It's also important to make self-care a priority when pregnant to keep stress low.