Glass of celery juice

One of the most uncomfortable things in the world is to be bloated. Walking around feeling like you're pregnant, wishing for something like a bowel movement in hopes that it will help ease some of the discomfort. It sucks!

I know because I dealt with bloating for a long time. I thought it was something that I couldn't get rid, I just had to deal with it. Then I started eating plant-based and incorporating this juice and now my bloat is gone!

For people suffering from any type of digestive issues this juice is like a miracle drink. Not only will it help rid the bloating and heal digestion problems, it will also assist in weight loss, lowering cholesterol and fight inflammation.

This incredible healing juice only contains one ingredient, which is… celery! Celery juice is one of the best ways to hydrate your body. I learned this from the Medical Medium after we had him on the TV show I'm a producer for.

Celery juice is extremely alkalizing so it balances the body's PH levels, which is key for optimal health. Consuming 14 – 16 oz of celery juice a day can work wonders! Drinking it on an empty stomach is extremely important for your body to absorb all the nutrients.

You don't want to mix other foods or ingredients with this juice. Anything else in the stomach will change the effects of the celery. I like to have one first thing in the morning following it with this.

Another tip is to drink the celery juice immediately before it has time to oxidize, which reduces its powers. If you don't have time to juice one in the morning on an empty stomach, drinking one in the afternoon or evening is fine too.

Just try to make sure it's at least 2 hours from your last meal. This will ensure that your stomach is empty again. It's also important to use organic celery as pesticides have been shown to be endocrine disruptors. Usually you can get a good deal on celery at a farmer's market as the farmers will likely make a deal with the more you purchase.

I've talked in the past about the health difference between juicing and making smoothies. If you're going to pick between the two, I'm a bigger proponent of drinking smoothies, but this new juice is something I'm adding into my life almost daily.  I could feel a difference within the first week!


The Drink That Cures Bloating

Please use all organic ingredients when possible!
Cuisine Juice
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 3 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1
Author Megan Lawson


  • 1 bunch of Celery


  • Wash celery bunch with cool water.
  • Add celery stocks to juicer until you've juiced 14 - 16 oz.
  • Consume juice immediately. Enjoy the benefits!


  • I've never tried celery juice! Kale and green apple are more my style.

  • Jill says:

    I don't have a juicer. Do you know if I could process it in my Vitamix for the same results?? Thanks :)

  • Liz says:

    Now this is a green drink I could enjoy—and love the benefits!

  • Wow – just celery! Who knew?

  • I need to give this a try!

  • this makes me want to get a juicer!

  • Ryan Lenhart says:

    This was a fabulous find! Digestive troubles have plagued me ever since I lost major weight. I'm all over this recipe and will be trying it out tomorrow. Thanks for posting this.

  • J says:

    alkaline but can I add some lemon?

    • Megan Lawson says:

      You can, but you may not get the full effects of the celery juice as you would drinking it alone.

      • madi says:

        What evidence do you have to back that claim up? Can you link some peer reviewed articles that explain the science behind the idea that a lemon would keep your body from absorbing nutrients…

  • Lauren Denson says:

    how long should i wait to eat breakfast after i drink this. also should i do this before my morning workout or after and if so how long should i wait to work out? thank you!

    • Megan Lawson Evans says:

      I usually wait 20 minutes. You can have it with your morning workout or wait till after. It should just be the first thing you drink (or eat) in the morning and then wait 20 minutes until you consume anything else.

  • Amanda says:

    How quickly can I eat after it I just had it first thing this morning?

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