When it comes to making improvements in your health and diet taking baby steps can be really helpful.

Today I'm sharing some healthy swaps for snacks! Of course making your own is the healthiest, but when in a pinch and you're looking to just buy something at the store these are the snacks I recommend.

Popcorn options

When you're craving something salty popcorn is a great option. Not all popcorn is the same so make sure to check the ingredients. It's always best to buy organic popcorn when you can as corn is sprayed with a lot of pesticides and most of the corn is genetically modified (GMO). I like this brand, Lesser Evil Himalayan Pink Salt Popcorn as it's made with organic corn, extra virgin coconut oil and salt.

Healthier Chips

Now you don't have to give up chips completely. There are better alternatives to the mainstream chips that I grew up on. Again checking the ingredients is key. Most all the mainstream chips like Doritos, Cheetos, etc. have ingredients/chemicals in them that literally make you want to eat more of them. Some of my favorite better options are Late July tortilla chips as they don't contain any added sugars, artificial flavors or colors and zero preservatives. Cauliflower Chips by From The Ground Up is also a good alternative as it's made with a veggie blend.

Better cracker options

Crackers are another snack that you don't necessarily need to cut completely out, just need to pick better options. From The Ground Up makes crackers made from butternut squash and other veggies. I also like Simple Mills crackers as they're gluten-free and made with simple ingredients.


Now if you want to make it even healthier trade your chips and crackers for veggies! Jicama makes a great dipping option and you can even buy them pre chopped into sticks at the grocery. They're also full of prebiotic fiber which helps feed the good bacteria in our gut. Jicama is also 85% water so it will keep you hydrated.

I like to pair my veggies with hummus as it's a healthy dip that you can either make yourself or buy it at the store. It's full of plant-protein and healthy fiber. I hope these help you when choosing a healthier snack option!